Publication of FSS opinion and consultation on applications for authorisation of eleven feed additives

Closed 2 May 2022

Opened 7 Mar 2022

Results updated 1 Jun 2022

Please see below a document detailing the responses to the consultation on applications for authorisation of eleven feed additives.

FSS would like to thank all stakeholders who provided their views for their consideration of this consultation.



This consultation is conducted by Food Standards Scotland (FSS) on behalf of the Minister for Public Health, Women's Health & Sport and is to seek stakeholders’ views, comments and feedback in relation to the eleven feed additive applications considered in this document, which have been submitted for authorisation and proposed transitional periods. We ask stakeholders to consider any relevant provisions of retained EU law and other legitimate factors (other evidence further supporting clear, rational and justifiable risk analysis, such as consumer interests, technical feasibility and environmental factors), including those that FSS have identified as relevant to these applications.

The document publishing the FSS opinion incorporates the quality assurance of risk assessments conducted by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) of eleven feed additives for use in animal nutrition as outlined in the annexes.

Why your views matter

This is stakeholders’ opportunity for input on the advice given to Scottish Ministers to inform decision making. The FSS opinions, and the views gathered through this consultation, will be considered and included alongside those of Officials in UK Government include Food Safety Authority and Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), Northern Ireland, England and Wales and will help respective Ministers’ consider whether to authorise these eleven feed additives for use in Scotland, England and Wales.

What happens next

Following the end of the consultation, responses will be published and made      available to stakeholders, the Food Standards Agency and Scottish Ministers. All responses will be sent through the Citizen Space entry for this consultation. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the consultation please contact


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