The Use of the Food Law Code of Practice and Associated Guidance by Local Authorities

Closed 23 Jun 2023

Opened 30 May 2023


On behalf of Scottish Ministers, FSS is currently reviewing the Food Law Code of Practice (FLCoP) and Practice Guidance. In order to understand how both the FLCoP and Practice Guidance are being used by Authorised Officers across Scotland, FSS is seeking the views of all Authorised Officers who utilise the FLCoP in the following survey.

From here on in, reference to the FLCoP can be taken to mean both the Food Law Code of Practice (Scotland) 2019 AND Interventions Food Law Code of Practice (Scotland) 2019.

All views are welcomed and will be used to support the review and our proposals to Ministers going forward. These proposals will include consideration of changes brought about by the new SAFER programme and how the code is maintained and updated in the future.

We are collecting this information to inform our internal decision making and this research is considered a task carried out in the public interest. Any data will be collected, stored and used in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and it will not be passed on to any third parties. The information we collect should not identify you or your organisation, will remain fully confidential, and can withdraw your consent to participate at any time.


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