Consultation on applications for authorisation of miscellaneous regulated products: four novel foods, three food additives, removal of twenty-two food flavouring authorisations, and a proposal to set a limit for ethylene oxide in food additives

Closes 29 Mar 2024

Opened 2 Feb 2024



On 30 January 2024, a package of measures proposed by the UK Government were accepted to enable the return of the Northern Ireland Assembly. Further information on these measures can be found here in the UK Government Command Paper, Safeguarding the Union. A small number of references in this consultation may now be outdated but the substance of the consultation remains unchanged.

This consultation is conducted by Food Standards Scotland (FSS) on behalf of the Minister for Public Health and Women's Health and seeks stakeholders’ views, comments and feedback in relation to the regulated product applications considered in this document. The applications in question have been submitted to authorise the following:

  • Four novel foods,
  • The extension and change of use of an exisiting food additive,
  • New production methods for two exisiting food addtives,
  • The removal of authorisations for twenty-two flavouring substances.

Additionally, this consultation concerns the proposal to set a limit for ethylene oxide in all food additives.

We ask stakeholders to consider any relevant provisions of assimilated law and other legitimate factors (other evidence further supporting clear, rational and justifiable risk analysis, such as consumer interests, technical feasibility and environmental factors), including those that FSS and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) have identified as relevant to these applications. This provides the opportunity for stakeholders to input on the advice given to Ministers to inform decision making.

Please note that any mention of assimilated law within the consultation documents is a reference to what was previously known as retained EU law.

Since 1 October 2023, the Windsor Framework’s new NI Retail Movement Scheme (NIRMS) is in place. Goods moved to Northern Ireland under NIRMS can be produced to GB standards for public health and consumer protection.

The FSS/FSA opinions take into account the FSS/FSA safety assessments. The views gathered through this consultation will be considered and included alongside those of officials across FSS, the FSA, Devolved Administrations and UK Government Departments in order to inform Scottish Ministers’ decision-making on whether to authorise: the use of; the extension and change of use of; the new production methods of and the removal of the relevant regulated products in Scotland. The FSA have also published their opinion and launched a parallel consultation for English and Welsh stakeholders.

Why your views matter

Stakeholders are invited to consider the questions posed in relation to any relevant provisions of assimilated law and other legitimate factors as detailed above.  Stakeholder responses will be considered along with risk assessment and other factors in development of advice provided to Ministers. Unless the views gathered in the consultation provide additional evidence, the FSS/FSA will recommend that these regulated products are authorised on the proposed terms.

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