Proposals to Improve the Out of Home Environment in Scotland

Closed 28 Feb 2019

Opened 22 Nov 2018

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The Scottish diet is too high in calories, fats, sugars and salt and this can impact our health. Diet related diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers can seriously affect individuals, families and communities, as well as the nation’s economy and productivity.

There is no single solution to tackle our poor diet. However eating outside the home is one of the areas where change is needed, as overall, the food and drink on offer tends to be skewed towards less healthy options. In Scotland, we eat out a lot with up to 25% of our calories come from eating this way.

Why your views matter

The proposal to develop an Out of Home Strategy for Scotland was included in the recently published Scottish Government Diet and Healthy Weight Delivery Plan, which sets out a package of actions designed to help people make healthier choices, change their eating habits and live healthier lives.

The measures proposed in this Food Standards Scotland consultation are designed to complement and contribute to the actions encompassed within the Scottish Government Diet and Healthy Weight Delivery Plan. Responses to these measures will help inform Food Standards Scotland’s recommendations to Scottish Ministers on the development of a Scottish Government Out of Home Strategy.

Please download and read the consultation paper here.


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