Food Law - Local Authority end of year return 2021/22

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Closes 15 Dec 2022

Purpose of the 2021/22 end of year return (FSS/ENF/22/004)

The purpose of the return is to obtain verified information on the delivery of food controls in 2021/22, including the ability of Local Authorities to meet the minimum expectations of the LA Recovery/Restart Project, or as evidence that the Local Authority has been able to move at a faster pace. The information will inform our ongoing review of the Recovery/Restart Project and enable FSS to provide verified data for the Multi-Annual National Control Plan 2021/2022.

Returns must be completed and submitted by 29 April 2022.

If your Local Authority is continuing to use spreadsheets for programming and allocating interventions, FSS is not able to see this data on SND.  Therefore, your Local Authority is required to provide the information for all the mandatory questions via the questionnaire

Alternatively, if you are content for the Audit Assurance team to retrieve your Local Authority’s data for the relevant questions from SND, and you can confirm that the data is verified, accurate and up-to-date as of 1st April 2022, please indicate as requested throughout the questionnaire. 

If you have any queries about the return please contact us at:

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